WinField United

Brand Campaign


In the world of agriculture marketing, visual clichés abound. WinField United was ready to buck the trend. We stripped away the earthy color palettes and overly sentimental images and replaced them with a disruptive use of color, a graphic approach to photography and an emphasis on bold typography. The rebrand resulted in a bluntly honest tone and jarring visual system that stands out in the industry. Simply put: no BS.

Wfu Honest Ag T Shirt 2Up Right 2680X1600
Wfu Honest Ag Ap Booket Stack 2680X1600
Wfu Honest Ag Ap First Page 2Up Left 2680X1600
Wfu Honest Ag Ap Multiple Books 2Up Right 2680X1600
Wfu Honest Ag Silo Poster 2680X1600
Wfu Honest Ag 2 Print Ads 2Up Left 2680X1600


WinField United


Brand Identity System, Print Collateral, Information Design