About Us

Where people and ideas come together to create meaning and magic.

Who we are

Our award-winning team believes design is a process for creating meaning in the world, where physical and digital are not separate environments with different expectations, but a blended experience in which every interaction matters.

What we do

10 Thousand Design creates desire through meaningful interactions.

How we work

We mix strategy, brand experience, technology and visual design to bond consumers to brands.

Our Process

Uncover the problem behind the problem.

Behind every business problem is a set of human behaviors that must be shifted or harnessed to create change.

Identify relevant brand truths and tensions.

We explore every facet of the brand to find what it truly delivers that makes it worthy of someone’s time, money and love.

Create desire, from attraction to usage to love.

From captivating packaging to immersive experiences to the feel of a product in the hands of a user, every interaction matters.


Brand DNA
Brand positioning
Brand identity systems
Digital strategy
Experience strategy
Brand Spaces
Retail design
Experiential design
Digital design
Environmental design
Brand Objects
Packaging design
Print collateral
Product design
Custom technology
Brand Metrics
Brand affinity
Experience engagement
Product or service usage
Brand value

Client Partners

  • AIA Minnesota
  • August Schell Brewing Company
  • Caribou Coffee
  • CHS
  • Farm Credit
  • General Mills
  • Indian Motorcycles
  • Mountain Hardware
  • Nestlé Purina
  • Old Navy
  • Optum
  • Sappi
  • Stanford PACS
  • Target
  • USA Swimming
  • WinField
  • UnitedHealthcare


  • Ed Bennett 10 Thousand Design
    “Great design should look easy.

    It’s not.”
    Ed Bennett
    Founder, Executive Design Director
  • Kristin Woxland 10 Thousand Design
    “Curiosity and collaboration set the stage for great work. The rest is pure instinct.”
    Kristin Woxland
    Managing Director
  • Katie Hartman 10 Thousand Design
    “Design shapes how we experience the world.”
    Katie Hartman
    Group Account Director
  • Sam Soulek 10 Thousand Design
    “You cannot escape design. Only hope that you encounter that which is intentional and good.”
    Sam Soulek
    Design Director
  • John Doyle 10 Thousand Design
    “When design is overlooked, so too is the brand. ”
    John Doyle
    Executive Director Brand Experience
  • Casie Cook 10 Thousand Design
    “Design is the creation and exchange of feeling.”
    Casie Cook
    Insight Director

Awards & Recognition

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