Retail Design


Target needed a flexible concept to span key holidays and celebrations from midwinter to the bloom of spring. Partnering with Target Creative and renowned illustrators Eight Hour Day, we created an in-store experience with a lush, floral landscape that evolved with each celebration — a first for Target.

2 Val Gifting Table 2680X1600 V2
4 Valentines 2680X1600
6 Valentines 2680X1600
7 Valentines 2680X1600

With each passing holiday, the store experience is transformed by changing out key elements.

8 Easter1 2880X1800
10 Easter1 2680X1600
11 Easter Egg Header 2680X1600
12 Easter Pattern 2680X1600

Mother’s Day completes the seasonal campaign by heralding in the joyful optimism of spring.

14 Md Cardrun 2680X1600
16 Md Header 2680X1600
17 Md Small Header 2680X1600
18 Md Exterior 2680X1600




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