Wearable Design Pays Homage to the North

Superior Goods Work 10Web

10 Thousand Design collaborated with Superior Goods — a premium national line of clothing and accessories launched by Sota Clothing — to bring simple yet sophisticated designs to three graphic tees. “Working with a start up like Superior Goods means that we get to be entrepreneurial and partner closely with the client every step of the way,” says design director Sam Soulek. “Stretching our designers in this slightly different fashion was an important exercise and one that feeds the boutique soul of our agency.”

Exploring the essence of the Upper Midwest with wearables also meant we could infuse every line and shape with the love of our homeland. An intrepid group of designers jumped in to explore possibilities for the company’s inaugural offering of American manufactured clothing and goods. As with digital design, print design and in-store projects, our process was equal parts discipline and adventure. At the end of the designers’ exploration, three areas of inspiration emerged: influences from the natural world, bold simplicity and the classic territory of crests and badges. Designers took a decidedly en plein air attitude to all three, with trees, tents and water all having an influence. The end result? Three unique designs that represent quality, style and a love for the more wild parts of the northern states (and of ourselves).