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Merck and Purina came together to offer the first-ever holistic preventative health program to help veterinarians educate new puppy and kitten owners in Europe. We concepted and developed the program, including an emotive and informative calendar, illustrated by Katie Kirk from Eight Hour Day, that worked as a step-by-step guide to get pets off to a healthy start during the all-important first year.

Purina Merck Illustration Hero
Purina Merck Dog Calendar Fan
Purina Merck 5 Mo Cat Detail
Purina Merck Calendar Scene
Purina Merck Illustration Dog 2 Mo
Purina Merck Illustration Dog 3 Mo
Purina Merck Calendar Grid
Purina Merck Dog Illustrations
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Art Direction, Content Development, Print Collateral, Illustration: Katie Kirk/Eight Hour day