Colle McVoy

Brand Experience


Every year we seek out a surprising and delightful way to bring joy to our employees, clients, partners and friends for the holidays. With cheer in short supply this year, we had to dig deep into our bag of tricks and capabilities to create an experience full of hope, goodwill and a little bit of ridiculousness. Enter 'Twas Twenty Twenty, a digital picture-find game at the intersection of analytics, user experience and design.

Animating the iconography made for an even more playful user experience.

Analyzing search data and leveraging trend research, we were able to uncover fun facts and statistical anomalies for our designers to translate into iconography.

Spread across four designed environments, our picture-find game hid 34 interesting facts and data points about this past year.

We also hid a wheat sheaf in each level to help spread the word about Feeding America and its mission.

Using SVG files and JS libraries, we created efficient CSS animations, prioritizing optimal performance across a wide range of browsers and devices.


Colle McVoy


Content Creation, Interface Design, Branded Entertainment, Data and Research